An arbiter of the arbitrary. The decisionist that determines what is desultory.
by Dadpool December 10, 2018
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> A person whose logic, reasoning, AND rationality decided to go out for lunch permanently.
> Someone who is arbitrary.
> Someone who is batshit.
"Those fucking arbitrarian republicans are at it again."
"God save us from the arbitrarian hordes."
"He was pro-life, so he walked into a planned parenthood clinic and killed 3 people and injured 9."
by nullboy November 29, 2015
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-that person in a group, who wherever they are, is constantly trying to keep the noise/speaking volume down.
-like a librarian who has taken on the job to arbitrarily hush everyone.
Chip- Keep it down you guys..
Jake- I'm trying to tell the story, who made you the arbitrarian?
by S. Gordon January 25, 2010
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