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Apex Friendship High is known as the "gayest" high school in Wake County, Apex, North Carolina. This school is known for it's horrible sports program in which they win absolutely nothing. Even the students hate going there . Pretty much everyone knows it as the "sloppy seconds" of Apex high school. Majority of the kids who go to Apex Friendship are wanna-be preps and majority of these kids are ass at sports. Kids that go to apex friendship have very high ego's in which they believe their high school will get better when in fact it's not. Look at the name "apex FRIENDSHIP high school" everybody knows that this school is wack and there's nothing else to it. Also the boys are usually douche bag queers who think they're the shit. But the girls think they're cute when majority have slept with many other dudes even before becoming a freshman. Apex Friendship overall is an ass school and they're the worst in Wake County, NC and they will never get better.

Katie: What high school do you go to Jack
Jack: Uh.... I don't know
Katie: I thought you went to Apex Friendship
Jack: Uh..... Yeah kinda I think
Katie: Why'd you lie
Jack: Because Apex Friendship High School is gay as hell, I don't claim it
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by your local neighborhood prep January 17, 2017
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