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1. (n.) The ape whom once conquered hot-air-ballooning, as only man had previously done.

2. (v.) The act of, upon ejaculating into a woman of ill-repute, jamming as many bananas as possible into her vagina. The man then whips out a spoon, takes a scoop, and offers the woman a serving of the mashed bananas. She then declines, and runs from the room screaming. The man then consumes the spoonful, takes his briefcase, and leaves.
"God Bless that Ape Wellington for showing us all that extremely boring balloon flight is possible!"

- or -

Friend: "Do you smell bananas?"

Woman: "No."

- or -

Woman: "Have you found the problem?"

OBGYN: "No, but this here is delicious."

- or -

Tickles Brick Tickles: "Honey! Come back! I thought you would enjoy it!"

Woman: "Why?"

Tickles Brick Tickles: "At least your twat doesn't smell like fish."

- or -

Ape: "Wunhh wunhh wooo wooo!"

Woman (to self): "O, why did I ever have sex with an ape? He has no idea what goes where!"
by scorpionmintred October 22, 2008
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