Anus Satan is a satan that comes to you in your sleep and violates your anus
Anus Satan has come to rape your soul.
The sometimes brown and grey part that is located at the bottom of a banana.
Lauren does not want to put satan's anus in her mouth, so she let the dog eat it.
by Bootygotmelike December 4, 2016
a bad/terrible smell that comes from shit, mostly used when entering a smelly bathroom
"holy fuck, it smells like satans anus in there"
by Dank_Danish November 29, 2018
Satan's Anus, I.E. The hottest place in the world. Hotter than hell itself.

Bellefonte, Pa means Satans Anus in Gaelic. Also, refers to State College, Pa. And all of Happy Valley.
Satan's Anus is where red necks need Vaseline on their wives faces so the knuckle sandwich's don't slip off.
by Lapecka July 8, 2010
Satan's Anus: anything that reflects something distasteful or something that causes discomfort (i.e., hot weather).
1. It is hotter than Satan's Anus outside! 2. Have you eaten any of his cooking? It tastes like Satan's Anus. 3. The end off this banana is as mushy as Satan's Anus.
by michellezilla August 18, 2020
A phrase said when it is unbelievably hot. So hot you think your face is going to melt off.

If hell is the hottest place imaginable, than imagine how hot in must me in Satan's anus.
by LucyLuWhooo December 12, 2010