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A holiday for those who do not enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day. This holiday is celebrated on February 15th with your closest friends and no significant others. You must make each other Anti-Valentine cards exhibiting for example: superheroes named Ichabod with suitcases.
"I hate Valentines Day, I'm sick of watching couples obnoxiously making out."

"Then come to Anti-Valentines day and wallow in sorrow and eat cake with us!"
by fred carpinski February 06, 2009
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A day when everyone laughs at those in love and celebrate the greatness of lonelines...
And of course steal people's Valentine's Day Candy.
Celebrated on February 14 every year.
~steals candy from random people~
by Confuseded February 14, 2005
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Celebrated on both February 13 and February 15, Anti-Valentine's Day is the holiday of physical love and sex. Whether between couples, singles, or copulation-crazed crazies, it is a day for lust.
The date is supposedly symbolic in that it will be celebrated before Valentine's Day to show sex can come before or without love, and after, so show that it will be there even after love.
I went out and screwed like a rabbit on Anti-Valentine's Day.
by Avada-Sinra February 15, 2007
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