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Anti-Breeze is when someone hates windy days or just basic wind blowing on their face.

People usually hate windy days because it ruins their hair by pushing their bangs back creating a fringe and/or the wind uplifts miniskirts at times. Other reasons vary.

Mostly girls or guys with bangs complain about the wind while others with no bangs don't care.

Some girls envy men who don't have to worry about their hair on windy days since it's short and stays in place. That is why most girls use hairspray or gels to keep most of their hair in place just incase of those vicious days.
Girl: "F*cking hell."
+Girl fixes her bangs+
Girl: "I hate this wind! It ruins my bangs! I look terrible in a fringe! Guys have it easy. I always need to wear a hat."
Witness: "Dude, she's totally Anti-Breeze."
by Hyposane January 10, 2010
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