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Anneke Menguys live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere AKA Lowton. They are typically female although many are open to the idea of gender fluidity in this modern age and can often be mistaken for wannabe trannys who have failed RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Anneke Menguys have their romantic lives in a shambles; as a Pieces they are very adverse to Sagittarius, particularly if such encounters with them involve an unwanted double bed at Wireless Festivals.

Also, Menguys typically get mindfucked by shaggers called Callum but in the long term see themselves as the ideal type to pop out mixed race babies from the womb. Think Wes from Love Island and his massive SHLONG; Anneke Menguys are yearning to be part of any Do Bits Society that involves BBC.
As a side note Anneke Menguys could also be scarred for life after having eaten pigeon poop and shitting in stranger’s bathrooms on the daily.
Oliver; Dude, that thicc chick over there is such an Anneke Menguy! Think I have a chance of getting with her?

Bob; Nah man...her Dad, Nathan, would never allow it; only he has claim to such an amazing gal. *whispers to himself*. The little fucker.
by Geology girl August 04, 2018
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