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n: anəli s ˈanə maˈʁi fʁaŋk -secks'.

A precursor to the act of Cyber sex and phone sex which became popular during WW2 Europe

when hipsters rejected the conventional way of living.

They sought to live in walls unlike other Europeans who also frequented outdoors to do regular life activities like camping.
This bizarre act of sex involves the exchange of groaning sounds ( or other ways of communicating on a sexual level.) through the medium: A wall.

It does NOT refer to the act of actually having sex with Anne Frank which is goes under: necrophilia.

There can be two or more participating subjects. Though Anne Frank one-ways do occur in nature - most experts in the field liken the act with attempting to interact with the wall itself. This is silly, and should only be attempted by people under the influence of psychedelics.

Though not rare in shared housings or college dorms the art of Anne-Frank sex is slowly dying.

This is due to people parodying the act - finding it funny or amusing - which it is not.

It is more common against youngsters or very old people (though could be mistaken for arguing -
because every high pitched sound they make sounds like a person with asthma having sex).

An increasingly popular alternative is the Anne-Frank Cyber sex which refers to the act of sexual communication through a FireWall.
Anne Frank Sex
SCHINDLER : "By the sounds if it you got laid yesterday. Did you wear protection?"

Jew : "No, we were having sex through the wall.."
SCHINDLER: "She totally Anne-Franked you"
Jew: "Awesome huh? lullzzzz?!"

SCHINDLER : "... Someones name is going off my list"
by andreasj February 23, 2014
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