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If you have a friend named Annalycia...then she BY FAR will make an impact on your life, (if she hasn't already.) You are very lucky to have a unique girl named Annalycia in your life because she is always smiling...even if she is hurting inside. Sometimes she might be sad, and if she is, you need to make sure you are there for her because Annalycia always goes out of her way to help others out. Annalycia is usually very insecure about herself and not very opinionated. She has a troubled love life but it is for her own good. She is one of the most amazing girls on this planet. Find your Annalycia.
friend: hey, who's that girl over there? she seems nice.
me: oh boy, that's Annalycia....
friend: well..that sure is a unique name..
me: that's because Annalycia IS unique. let's go talk to her!
by Nathan Samaryo May 26, 2012
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