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she is a huge asshole who cant keep her mouth shut and shes unstandable she doesnt care who she hurts!shes a bastard that most people cant stand shes the most pathetic little bitch youve ever seen!also she looks like kirby who swallowed a pathetic,blabber mouth bitch,shes also a drama queen.She also has a big head and she cant keep her mouth shut about your secrets shes also a shitty slut that shouldnt be alive because she will ruin your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so if you ever see a annah RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE BEFORE SHE DESTROYS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she has a smart mouth and is very dumb she will hurt you badly!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1:-she whispers- theres that whore who told my secret she ruined my life

Person 2:-she whispers- back yeah me two i wish she was so dead
Annah Horne: well now its time to ruin their lives so they wont be a problem -she talks in her mind-
by Candy Creeper February 24, 2017
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