Anna is my favorite person in the whole world. i love her so so so so so so much. i love her more then anything else in the world. i could talk and talk for hours and hours to her, and tell her how much i love her. i love her. i love her. i do, i do<333333
anna is so smexy i can't take it
by Emma mango February 02, 2009
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Anna is a girl who is beautiful in every way possible, shes caring and conciterate. shes usually very skinny and VERY smart. shes the one who will stand out in a crowd with an awesome style, most people to her are followers. you would be lucky to date her- let alone be friends with her.

shes a cutie for sure. shes better than all the other names here, so guess what ANNA ROCKS!
Guy; whos that girl over there?
Friend; uhm thats Anna, shes pretty cool.
Guy; dude shes gorgeous..
Friend; HA good luck with that one.
by DrakeIsSex August 07, 2009
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an anna is a a very passionate enthusiastic happy fun beautiful girl who is caring and is always there for all her friends. she is so adorable and cute and is so easy to talk to and is always great to share a laugh with! annas are usually short and petite but have a big bubbly warm personality that lights up the room! they have the nicest loveliest hair ever and are very intelligent and smart. If you meet an anna feel special to know one and treasure your friendship with them forever because you know you will always have each others back unless shit comes. Annas are always outgoing, bubbly, cheerful and friendly! You can always count on making friends with an anna so quickly! Everyone loves an anna!! :)
You so lucky to know an anna, i heard they always cheerful and bubbly!
by morgyorgy3 February 19, 2012
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A beautiful girl who everyone loves. Annas tend to love basketball and have really pretty eyes. Annas traditionally have long hair that everyone loves to play with. They have the best friends ever and are great at giving advice. People named Anna love to laugh,but hate lies. Annas are amazing.
Trey:I wish I could kiss her! She's amazing!
Hanna:She must be an Anna!
by ammsducker May 23, 2013
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People who are amazing, beautiful and who make the best girlfriends ever. Everybody loves them so much :)
Murph: OMG you are so perfect, you are such an Anna ;D
by Murph ;D November 04, 2009
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She has an amazing smile and beautiful eyes. Anna usually knows how to keep someone happy and always comes up with something new to talk about. Anna can also be mistaken for an angel at times.
"Did you see Anna?"

"That girl? She looks like an angel!"
by mmlover February 02, 2013
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could stare into your eyes with her never-ending, bottom-of-the-ocean grey eyes for hours on end. her smile radiates positive energy when she is truly happy and she is passionate to no end. the feisty little thing doesn’t like being ignored but will shower you with all her love if you truly deserve it. her freckles form constellations on her cheeks and under her eyes. you could map the tiny galaxies on her face for hours. standing on her tippy toes, she can give the best hugs, fully encompassing you with her arms wrapped around your neck. her noes crinkles when she laughs, her eyes turn turquoise when she cries, and her wispy hair falls to the sides of her face. enjoys all things magnificent in life especially sitting on rooftops, music, flowers, clouds, rain, and holding hands.
anna is a living embodiment of an angel
by stcrdust September 26, 2018
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