Anna is a beautiful, gorgeous girl. She is usually a slim girl with long legs and blonde- brown hair. She has big green eyes and her smile is contagious. She is sometimes Italian or Spanish. Once she falls in love, she is a keeper. A loving girl that may seem shy but when she’s with her friend she is CRAZYYY! All she wants in life is to have the most perfect man to look after her. Although she might not speak to you, she most likely likes you. You’re lucky to be with a girl named Anna!
Wooow! That girl is like a MODEL!

Yup, that’s Anna
by johyboyyy September 15, 2018
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You will be luky to meet an Anna she is kind loving and caring and supper pretty she loves Harry Potter and she reminds me of Harry's mum (lilly Potter) because of her astonishing beauty. She may be bullied but she will come back stronger every time and she is always there Anna is amazing there are no words that could truly some up how amazing she is she is an amazing girlfriend to who ever her red hair is stunning and she is truly the woman of everybodys dreams she cares she is loving she is the goddess of many peoples harts and the goddess of love and beauty Anna is an excellent, magical, amazing, loving person she will be your greatest friend and Joy look after your Anna she will be your soul mate she will be there for you don't let her go she is very rare so keep her near your side
Guy1:I met the most amazing loving girl last night
Guy2:must of been an Anna
Guy 1:she was an Anna
by Shanmia2165@gmail.com January 19, 2019
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There simply arent enough words in the english language to describe Anna. She is unbelievably and utterly gorgeous and everytime i see her i think i melt a little. i cant keep my eyes off her for more than a second if i know shes in the room. she very well may be the singular most beautiful creature i think ive ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. she's a heart of gold. all i want to do is tell her how amazing and perfect she is to me, and treat her like the princess she is.

anna is the most beautiful girl you will ever see in your life. shes got legs that go on for days and these green eyes that could make anyone fall to their knees. she's the most amazing beautiful long hair as well. her smile also happens to light up the entire room. no model or work of art could ever compare to her. if you are ever lucky enough to see her for even a second, you will never forget her beautiful face. shes talented and smart and kind and hilarious. her presence is undeniably noticeable and you can just feel her aura if shes around. you will admire everything about her from the very first second you see her . you will fall incredibly hard for her. she will leave you wondering if she's even real. shes absolutely horrid at hiding her emotions though, and even if you dont know her well you can read her like a book. anna is once in a lifetime. she'll shyly drop hints that she likes you too, so go for it. dont just secretly profess your love for her on urban dictionary like i just did .
Oh, Anna! (Oh, Anna!)
Every time I see your face, there’s only so much I can take
Oh, Anna! (Oh, Anna!)
-harry styles, anna.
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by Basketball#12 October 04, 2018
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The name for a really awesome and pretty girl who is one of the best friends you will ever have. She is up for any fun or random activity you can think of and never gets tired of it (or at least never shows it). She seems to radiate warmth and happiness and always has a smile on her face. Anna is that one-of-a-kind friend that everyone needs.
"Yeah, Anna and I are going ice-skating tonight, hiking tomorrow, and we're playing card games all day the day after that!"

"Wow, obviously Anna isn't much of a hiker, but every time I asked her if she needed a break, she just smiled and kept on going!"
by concreteslab3 April 14, 2009
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Annas are very cute and just absolutely lovely. They are usually incredibly happy and entertaining around other people but have amazingly complex emotions, they are a little crazy but everyone loves them for it. They are not afraid of what others think of them and are admired by others for it. This also makes them adventurous and fun to be around. Their adventurous attitude may lead to them wearing crazy clothes or cutting their hair short. Either way, they look stunning. They are irresistible to their significant other who finds them incredible but often doesn't feel like they deserve such an amazing partner. They are incredibly talented in many ways and are very intelligent. They are often Mathematicians or Physicists. They match well with Josiahs as their personalities pair well together, Annas' true partners love them dearly and will always be loyal to them love them as they are so enchanting.
"Anna is a wonderful person."

"I wish I was dating Anna."
by AmazingAlterEgo June 06, 2018
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Anna is a name a soft name not mean or fierce just anna. An anna is a friend and most likely a good one by the sound of her name. If you treat an anna badly you will probably get screwed over. If you were to be an annas friend he/she would probably run with you when you run away. An anna deserves the best of the best because just by the sound of the name he/she probably has givin you the best. So do not take Annas lighthearted they could be breaking down inside and you not knowing. Something like a goddess on earth.
An anna is happy outside but damaged in.
by Time to Shine! July 29, 2006
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The most beautiful, charming, intelligent, clever, nicest , and best person you'll ever meet.
Anna is the best!
by SgtDK September 26, 2008
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