Anna Lena is a nature loving girl who likes to jump around like a bunny and loves to annoy people. She needs much love and attentions from other people, without this she isn't happy. Everytime bevore going out into the garden and hopping around she is drinking a tea to stay fresh.
Dude look at Anna Lena! She is jumping around like a bunny again!!! What tea did she drunk?
by Brazilian Boy April 04, 2017
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a blonde, smart and attractive girl. she might seem innocent but she is a real baddie tho. the boys r only attracted to her in a sexual way and she has to deal with looooooads of fuckboys
Fuckboy 1: damn Anna-Lena is such a baddie
Fuckboy 2: yea i want to ice that bish out
by yourinnersusboy March 06, 2019
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Blonde and the smart but nerdy girl. She is the teachers pet for everything. Can be bratty and bitchy but you have to get on her good side
Anna Lena just walked in. Things are about to get real
by Elena Myers January 15, 2016
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Anna Lena is a great girl overall. She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous big lips. Her eye colour is often very special and not easy to define. Anna Lenas tend to be thin and not that curvy but that fits perfectly to their long legs.

The most important thing however is her character. She seems to be annoying sometimes but when you get to know her you realize that she is actually really smart and intelligent. She has a great sense of humour which is often sarcastic even if she does not understand every single joke. however she never fails to make you laugh.
When you know a Person with the name Anna Lena you should be extremely happy and thankful. She will always forgive your mistakes and be on your side till the end.
S: Man, I can't forget this girl. I don't think she realizes how much I like her.
N: I bet you're talking about Anna Lena again. I know she is the only girl you like that much.
by Alenasendnudes November 04, 2018
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Anna lena is the word for "sexy ass" and she is very good in the bed
"I am looking for a sexy woman"
"Oh, Anna lena is good in the bed
by Flix99 January 03, 2017
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Anna-Lena is a sensitive, beautiful girl with blonde hair und blue-green eyes. The smart girl loves to read and disappear in books and her own thoughts, yet she is hard-working and ambitious. She is liked by most people, even if some do not like that she always says what she things right away, most appreciate that about her. She is shy at first but won’t stop talking around people she feels comfortable around. She is known for her humor and sarcasm as well as her reliability. The people who have an Anna-Lena is a friend are truly blessed. She is not resentful but those who hurt her can’t be trusted by her any longer.
by misslissy December 02, 2018
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She is pretty, sexy and sweet, she will succeed and be a perfect mother. With her eyes she enchants the world. In love, however, she isn't happy. She will marry, but she will be hurt by her marriage.
ass anna lena
by Lola lilla January 08, 2017
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