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Anna Lena is a nature loving girl who likes to jump around like a bunny and loves to annoy people. She needs much love and attentions from other people, without this she isn't happy. Everytime bevore going out into the garden and hopping around she is drinking a tea to stay fresh.
Dude look at Anna Lena! She is jumping around like a bunny again!!! What tea did she drunk?
by Brazilian Boy April 04, 2017
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A whore who would steal your crush and kiss him infront of you, just to make you feel bad. She would find out your biggest secret and tell it everyone. She is a bish
Omg, she kissed my boyfriend! Such a Annalena
by Imhisgirlfriend#1 July 07, 2018
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a blonde, smart and attractive girl. she might seem innocent but she is a real baddie tho. the boys r only attracted to her in a sexual way and she has to deal with looooooads of fuckboys
Fuckboy 1: damn Anna-Lena is such a baddie
Fuckboy 2: yea i want to ice that bish out
by yourinnersusboy March 06, 2019
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Blonde and the smart but nerdy girl. She is the teachers pet for everything. Can be bratty and bitchy but you have to get on her good side
Anna Lena just walked in. Things are about to get real
by Elena Myers April 26, 2016
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