An honest, witty, intelligent and insightful conservative writer who effectively communicates the right-wing message and proves that liberals are wrong about everything... just kidding!
Ann Coulter called Katie Couric "the affable Eva Braun of morning TV" just because she's jealous that Katie is 4 years older and 10 inches shorter yet 20 times hotter than her.
by rustyshackleford October 17, 2007
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people like her are ruining america. how are we supposed to have a great society when she goes on about how one whole half of the population is stupid. if she wants whats best for america she should allow both sides to argue and find the best solution
it is mindboggling to understand how anyone takes ann coulter seriously
by alex14 August 18, 2006
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Winner, ten years in a row, of the largest adam's apple contest.
That Ann Coulter is better hung than a horse, and uglier.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
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Best understood as the conservative version of Michael Moore. She is a multiple best-selling author and columnist, a Cornell graduate, and was involved in the Clinton sex scandal. Coulter leaked the fact that Paula Jones was able to correctly identify Bill Clinton's bent penis. She did this to forestall a settlement. Coulter hates liberals and the New York Times. She loves God and conservatism.

Coulter's first major controversy involved an unfortunate comment to a Vietnam vet. Coulter was unaware of the fact that he was disabled. The Vietnam vet said 90% of the mines that American soldiers stepped on in Vietnam were their own. This is not true; what he meant to say was that 90% of those mines' components were constructed from American duds, refuse, etc. Coulter thought his comment was funnily untrue, so she said, "No wonder you guys lost." At that point, she was permanently fired from MSNBC. She has also made questionable jokes implying casual racism against Muslims, particularly those of Middle Eastern descent.

Ann Coulter is an intentionally divisive and provocative writer, so if people write uncomplimentary things about her you have to figure she had it coming. However, I also wish people would contribute more useful facts along with their opinions. For instance, you probably did not know Bill Clinton had a bent penis. And surprisingly, Ann Coulter (of all people) is closely related to that fact.
Neocon: I just got done reading Ann Coulter's new book about the Church of Liberalism, and it totally reinforces the hatred I already had for all things liberal!

Liberal: I hate that bitch. She was a drag queen, she has an adam's apple, and she is the love child of Satan and Hitler. I hate her, oh, how I hate her. Crazy douchebag.
by Mikey Cee April 25, 2007
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From Middle English: Annye (being warm and smooth) Coullentre (having vile or rank-smelling appendages).

A mythical hosebeast from ancient Saxon folklore, the "Ann Coulter" was said to be the offspring of Satan and a Viking queen named Hildastank II. She would appear unsolicited in the homes of poor families around the English countryside, raiding the fridge and offering no "thank-you" in return. The Ann Coulter was believed to carry a fannypack containing any number of Coldplay albums, Miley Cyrus DVDs, and other dirty bombs. She was known as "The Ruiner," for her proclivity to lay waste to entire civilizations, whilst leaving an "upper-decker" in the second story lav.
QUESTION: Dude, what the fuck? You're mom is lying dead on the kitchen floor, there's a pregnant cow in the living room, and you have a bottle of Barton's vodka shoved up your asshole base first. What the fuck happened here?

ANSWER: Ann Coulter brah, Ann Coulter.
by Rudyard McDallis November 25, 2010
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a political humorist
Ann Coulter says that liberals hate America more than the Islamic terrorists do.
by Julia Hess May 10, 2005
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