Synonymous with the expression "Swift Boat." To insult, assassinate the character of. To spew insults in the form of hateful remarks, such as: "We need someone to put rat poison in Justice Steven's creme brulee." To utter bare-faced lies using a most unpleasant imitation of a Connecticut "élite valley-girl" drawl. Of course, someone should put poison in HER creme brulee, but, because she is a skinny bitch, she'd probably just vomit it out along with all her other hate-spew.
The Fox News pundits constantly Ann Coulter Democrats and Liberals.
I feel quite dejected. I've been Ann Coulter-ed by my girlfriend.
by RMGARR July 25, 2006
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An amoral horse-faced harpy who frequently spews outrageous hate speech in order to profit from those that the nation's schools tragically failed. Also known to invoke Christianity despite the fact that Jesus would not hesitate to repeatedly back a truck over her.
"Ugh! That was pretty Ann Coulter of you to eat your own young..."
by Darq Gus December 13, 2008
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A bimbo who can state unreliable facts.
Good persuasive speaker however makes several errors on national television.

If she really is conservative, then she would not be stating facts as a liberal. Liberals uprise facts that are being hidden in society, conservatives should not act in such manner. She is condescending to the conservatives because when she speaks about political views, its not really even apparent what side she is on. Undeniably selfish for the attention.

Hates the "french- speaking" canadians, likes "english- speaking" canadians, then all of a sudden "canada should be happy we allow them to exist". So she likes them, but wants to take them over? "Yes but no". She cannot make up her mind.
Close minded, wronfully facted, bimbo- looking: Oh! Ann Coulter!
by exoticass October 01, 2005
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The fucking anti-Christ. Proof of the coming of the end of the world. She is a cunt in every sense of the word.
Ann Coulter is a cunt.
by Scared for his life September 06, 2007
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A rather unpleasant woman who appears on talk shows and spouts average conservative talking points with a healthy dose of invective and vitriol. She also writes books of questionable originality with more of the same. Coulter thrives on attention and is best ignored.
Person 1: Ann Coulter is coming to campus! Let's protest

Me: No, let's ignore her. Then she loses her power.
by duritz February 04, 2007
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