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Anita Caby is a teenager who's really obsessed with One Direction, Justin Bieber, Linkin Park and Kurt Cobain. She loves them more than anything in the whole wide world and we can't even imagine what she does if someone says anything bad about her idols. She's kinda tomboy. She's really beautiful and sexy. She has cut marks of 1D, JB and LP on her left arm. She lives in Fort Kochi. She plays guitar, she does boxing and she sings too. She would do anything for her best friends.
Person 1: *dissing 1D
Person2: Stop dissing about 1D! "Anita Caby"is coming. She'll kick our asses off and we'll be going back home in an ambulance

Person 1: Ooh what a wonderful boyband 1D is!
by Anita Harry January 24, 2018
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