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A woman who's baby has passed away before being born. She is still a mother, she still has a child, only she carries her baby in her heart now not in her arms. Angel mums are incredibly strong, powerful women. They have had to endure the most difficult loss of all. Often angel mums have had to give birth to their babies knowing they have already grown their angel wings - this experience of labour is life changing and is part of why angel mums are so strong. After having grown their babies inside themselves, sometimes for 40 weeks or more, leaving hospital with an empty belly, empty arms and a broken heart can be a lonely journey. If you know an angel mum, don't ever be afraid to talk about her baby. Even though you might fear you will upset her, angel mums actually love it when you acknowledge their babies. It's common for angel mums to feel like everyone has forgotten what happened to them or their babies. Speak the name of the angel baby, angel mums love to hear their baby's name spoken aloud. Continue to include the angel baby in conversation and on special occasions. Angelversaries, Christmas , special occasions and Mother's Day can all Be difficult times for angel mums. The birth of other babies, baby showers and life events for babies who were due/born at the sametime can also be tough. Angel Mums need your love and understanding at these times.
Eg Woman 1: does she have any children?

Woman 2: yes, she's an angel mum, her son kolton was stillborn at 35 weeks at the beginning of the year

Eg Woman 3: I don't have words to describe how I feel, I miss my baby so much, I just want to hold my little darling in my arms one last time... I miss him with every fibre of my being....
Man 1: honey I miss him too, i miss our little man, he was so perfect in every way, 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, just perfect.. I wish we could watch him grow... Come give me a cuddle, you are the most amazing woman, you're an angel mum, I've never known anyone as strong as you, when you are ready we will have our rainbow and kolton will watch over us all and help us stay strong, there is nothing more pure than the love he created
by Northern lights Khaleesi May 16, 2013
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