To pull an Andy is to purpously headbutt something extremely hard, most of the time resulting in extreme head injury, memory loss, or destruction of the object.
He pulled an Andy on that lamp post and now hes got some kind of brain damage.
by Smoof April 07, 2008
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A talented singer/songwriter, beautiful hair,gorgeous face,funny as eff!!, well proportioned,stylish human being!! : ) ; The Shit basically !!
Andy is awesome! ; Andy is often imitated NEVER duplicated!!
by MCC2012 January 10, 2012
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The rare species Andrew steel or more commonly known as andy is currently in a homosexual friends with benefits relationship with his beloved car ! As the andy suffers from a lack of development in the pre frontal cortext of his brain his risk judgment is very inaccurate ! He can be found doing over 100km in a 60km zone in an area behind a police station where many police cars often are found! He also enjoys woman with large breasts and good banter often shared with Lucy or Nathan 😊 He enjoys playing pool in his spare time and skittles are one of his favourite foods ! He is over confident at times and believes he can effectively crack an egg with one hand which he can't ! Overall andy is a genuine lovely caring person though at times reckless and stupid who is well loved and cared for by his friends 😊 he also needs a new hoodie as always wears the same one
My mate is definitely a true andy, he's something special
by Lewcy March 04, 2015
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Strong, normally pale guy. Hes very tall normally and has a great sense of humor.
by Maccckkerrs. August 08, 2011
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A very tall typically male being.
Often has giant hair and large feet.
May be talented at things such as drumming and shaking bananas.
An Andy may be extremely random and like to create his own language.
'Woah, look at that afro playing the drums!'
'Yeah, what a total Andy.'
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An skinny ass Chinese guy who is into cars, drives an RSX, and is obsessed with swapping motors. He is a quiet guy if you don't know him, but cool to be around when you do! He sacrifices a lot for love, energetic, nice, and caring. Kind of on the frugal side.
by amazinracincracin February 04, 2010
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