(Andy)= Awesome, the most top, exceptional skateboarder, wakeboarder, surfer, snowboarder,normally shows high tolerance to booze and drugs, exceptional skills with bowstaff and weapons.
Andys all have exceptional lady babe skills, whether its just communicating with lady babes or tuning the pants off lady babes.
Commonly found all round the world showing people how to get it done.
The most influential Andy would be Andy Hastie born in New Zealand and currently residing in Brisbane Australia.
Other words which are synonymous with Andy are Gnarly, Radical, Mantis, Badass, The Best, EXTREME, Crazy, Hot, Sexy, Beauteous
Andy walks into bar.
All girls bras simultaniously undo and the bar owner anounces that all drinks are on the house because Andy has entered the room.
by McHastie March 12, 2009
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to knock someone out of their chair
Person 1: "hey give me back my seat!"
Person 2 "no!"
*Person 1 tips the chair over, Person 2 falls on the floor*
Person 3 "ohhhhh, he just got andied(andyed)!"
by wafflezer May 20, 2015
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buy the domain for your cat site
He is a man that is as irresistable as a piece of candy. He is sweet and hard all the way around. You cant help but want to taste him.
That man is sexy! He is totally ANDY!
I soooo need some Andy today!
by wudntuliketoknow2 February 07, 2010
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the one who is awesome. the supreme ruler of all that is good and right. owner of dance dance revolution, guitar hero, runescape, and other under rated games. "the best".
wow, i really wish i was andy.
by russell12052 January 03, 2008
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An amazing, sexy, bright and humorous man who is perfect. He is perfectly suited for me although other people may not agree. He displays hints that he has feelings for me and i still dont have the courage to tell him how i feel.
by longingforyou January 26, 2011
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Someone who is awesome
& is full of pro-ness.
when you don't talk to them,
you feel as if something is missing.
he is kind, spice and everything nice.
hes also really sweet.
and will always make you laugh + smile..
sometimes you dishonest.
he goes "quack quack"
oh and hes a black,white & yellow cow.
has great taste in music and i guess hes coool.
in general; he is just the best outta the rest :D
you're amazing.
" You're being an Andy "
by Kaybabyy January 04, 2010
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