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A male homosexual variant of the famed Bill Maher Head Slam. A male takes an anal suppository of muscle relaxers to help, loosen up his anal sphincter, his partner dons a nasal respirator and shoves his lubricated head into the anal canal and rectum. Once inside, the man nuzzles and orally stimulates his partner's prostate. Allegedly invented by comedian/drama queen Andy Dick, after hearing of the Bill Maher Head Slam from a male child prostitute.
The Pope doesn't consider the Andy Dick Head Slam, an impure act, because no vagina is involved. But, he added that the Bill Maher Head Slam is totally immoral.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 23, 2010
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The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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