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A toxic, arrogant brat. He is very selfish. He thinks he is so cool but he has no friends. Everyone hates him and he gets talked about negatively bashing the back a LOT. He is such a snob and says he’s such a perfect student but he copies the people next to him for good grades, then he brags “HEY EVERYONE I GOT A PERFECT SCORE!” to everyone in the room. He is annoying and says yeet too much. He tells everyone he’s a pianist but he can’t even play the piano. A baby could actually play better.
Andrew Khislavskiy: (To everyone in the room) I GOT A PERFECT SCORE! I GOT A PERFECT SCORE!
(Everyone ignores him, then class ends.)
Andrew Khislavskiy: (arrives at his next class) I GOT A PERFECT SCORE! I GOT A PERFECT SCORE!


Lila: Andrew Khislavskiy is playing the piano.
Mela: Oh, that’s why it sounds so bad. My eardrums are flurrying away...
by AnonymousRichGirl July 06, 2020
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