Andrew is the best person in the world. He is perfect in everyway possible. Everyone (including me) loves him. If you go out with him you are way lucky. When he's with you, you feel like nothing can go wrong. Andrew is way hot, nice, funny, caring, and amazing. When he has his arm around you, you want time to stop because you know it wont last. When he leaves you, you feel like he took your life with him. Andrew always make you happy. But he leaves. When he does there is nothing left because he meant so much to you and you feel like you just let your life fall into a never ending pit that you can never leave. But when he's with you it's the best thing in the whole world.
Girl 1: Andrew is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Girl 2: you are so lucky!!
by LOVE-HURTS May 13, 2009
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The most kind-hearted, selfless, beautiful, unbelievably romantical and sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. Someone you could share your inner most deepest thoughts and feelings with, without being judged. Someone who listens to what your opinions and views are, no matter if he agrees with them or not; very understanding. He goes out of his way to help his loved ones, and cares for his family more than anything in the world. Has many dreams and aspirations, and knows his significant other will support him wherever his heart takes him; the Air Force, UFC, Fatherhood, etc. Friends of Andrew are attracted to his strong figure, shining smile, daring spirit, great leadership, and open arms. He holds doors, carries bags, cracks your crab legs for you, makes you smile when you aren't having the best day, and creates the most unforgettable memories. His love is unconditional, which is something you don't find everyday. Truly a blessing from above.
You'd be lucky if you could get with Andrew, too bad he's taken by that hottie, Danielle. I heard she has a nice butt.
by SOON2BaSAMMY September 14, 2011
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Andrew is that quiet guy in the corner of the classroom. Everyone says they don't care about him, but they secretly have shrines dedicated to him in their homes. He doesn't like middleschoolers because they are just a bunch of wannabe Andrew's. He is a beautiful human being, just perfect in everyone's opinion. If you ever get the chance to date an Andrew you would probably be the luckiest girl in the world. Also, Andrew's are not very talkative so if one of them talks to you for more than 2 minutes you are blessed.
John: YEAH! He's so dumb tho *thinking* "I wish I was Andrew"
by Cactus101 January 27, 2013
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Andrew is the smart, quiet guy that keeps his distance & focuses on the things he has to get done. He supports people he knows when they’re upset but isnt too good with giving advice. He doesn’t mind ranting, so if u need to spill any tea, go to Andrew.
“I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to.. but I told Andrew everything last night...”
by l.f.e October 28, 2019
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Andrew is always a sincere person, but never knows when to shut up. When he gets caught up in the movement he will never stop talking. Even though he's a try-hard, he's still a pretty cool dude.
Person 1: hey do you know Andrew?
Person 2: ya, he can never stay quiet
by fineman1000 January 30, 2016
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Electrifying in the most seductive way. Once you are with Andrew you never want him to leave you. He has a very exotic look and the sexiest green eyes that leave you wanting more. You can't help but feel turned on when you look at him and he has a magnetic aura. He is very caring, very sexual and is a naughty boy. His touch makes you feel euphoria and leaves you in a bliss. Every girl fantasizes about him. He has a great body. He makes you feel things you have never felt before and in ways that you can't describe. Andrew is unlike any other guy, he is just himself and doesn't care what other people think of him. Once you experience Andrew it is hard not to think about him because of how you feel in his presense. If you had a perfect image of a boy he is so much more than thought possible. Andrew is very hard on himself and does not like to show vulnerbility but when he does he becomes that much more perfect.
girl 1: Are you still going out with Andrew?
girl 2: Don't worry about it, it don't cost a dime to stay up outta mine.
girl 1: Wtf is your problem?
girl 2: Me and Andrew are in love and I can act however I want because nothing else matters.
girl 1: Wow.
girl 2: That's right bitch you will never have the chance to feel the euphoria that I get to experience being with Andrew!
by The Goddess of Love May 17, 2011
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