andrew is a boy who will break up with a girl for nno reason or for a reason that isnt related to her. a andrew is a great best friend who will "catch feelings" and only gets along with girls and some boys. he is a good person but will laugh or make fun of a girl he just broke up with and be happy without her. the girl will still really like the boy and cry the rest of the month.
andrew is a rude asshole
andrew is my best friend
by negativeperson January 09, 2020
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He is a person who can get really mad easily. Sucks at everything and anything. Is really small and talks smack but can’t back it up
by H53744gh🦀 October 21, 2018
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Andrews are funny, sweet, athletic guys. They listen to you no matter what the situation. Sometimes they can take advantage of you but it’s only to get closer to you. Andrew is crazy, popular and is there for you and can almost always relate to you. Andrew is mostly a white boy but who’s to say they haven’t gone through anything. Andrews are handsome and if you have a crush on one , tell him how you feel because even if they don’t feel the same way he won’t ridicule you. Also they tend to be awesome boyfriends no doubt about it.
I wish Andrew was my boyfriend
by MysteriousLady00 July 07, 2018
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Andrew a very sexy beautiful specimen he is funny, smart, sexy, big 7 incher and acts but gay but just for the bants is a epic gamer who can crank 90s and quick scope thots and aint afraid to share his feelings loves his family and friends and will make the best boyfriend/friend ever everybody loves Andrew with his blue eyes and light brown hair and always trying to make the people around him laugh even if he is sad get an andrew in your life he is great
by yourmumgaelol November 15, 2019
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very bad kid. Loves basketball but very bad. Loves girls but gets none.
He is an Andrew
by my moms undy November 01, 2018
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