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A quaint storybook village in the Catskill Mountains set among lots of farms and forests. The people are the nicest in the world. The town boasts a family owned gas station, a darling hotel, and lots of cute vintage shops and art galleries. There aren't a lot of people so whenever you see somebody you always have to stop to say hi. Lots of NJ people have vacation houses here but not the rich snobby ones because they would not like to live in the country environment that makes Andes so special.
Andes, NY Person- "Hi! Nice to meet you! Do you need help with directions? Because it can be a little confusing up here!"

Normal Person- " uh, sure were is the Andes Hotel?"

Andes, NY Person- "Oh its just around the corner I can drive there and you can follow me if you want!"

Normal Person- " Oh that's really not necessary!"

Andes, NY Person- " Oh no! I insist!"
by - Farm Girl July 13, 2010
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