A show with a bunch of retarted crackheads saying that every small thing in human history was caused by aliens. Officially one of the stupidest things on television do not watch unless you want to lose brain cells.
As ancient astronaut theorists beleive ancient aliens came down and changed our dna so we will be smart. As ancient astronaut theorists belive ancient aliens made shakespere a time traveling super human.
by History channels stupid April 28, 2012
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An ancient alien theorist is an anthropologist who believes that the technology we use today comes to us from aliens that resemble greys popular in the United States. They retell stories from religious texts such as the Bible and the Koran, including Noah's Ark and the Apocalypse, as being caused by spaceships that had aliens and came to earth not from 1940 to present times, but 3000 or 4000 years ago.
According to ancient alien theorists, the Annunaki are aliens who taught Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia to generate electricity from purple cough syrup plus orange juice in order to advance their culture to today's level of sophistication.

Ancient alien theorists believe that in December 2012, humanity's alien ancestors will visit and create the sixth Mayan dimension, increasing demand for electricity.
by p-nuts July 25, 2011
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A meme which is used to describe something which is damn true. It's a picture of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos with his hands out in front of him and squinting.
Ancient alien guy: never meant what they said: girls.
by Daufq da Gamer April 27, 2017
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