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Beautiful town located on the escarpment. Unfortunately now part of dirty Hamilton, however Ancaster, along with dundas, and upper mountain hamilton is significantly nicer and wealthier than downtown. Annually holds the ancaster fair, and ancaster heritage days, which is any ancaster kids most anticipated holiday of the year, and basically an excuse for all high school students to get really drunk by 10am on a saturday. Essentially has one main road-Wilson, in which you can get to 99% of stores and streets. Most residents are rich, italian, catholics and all seemingly know eachother. There are two rival highschools- ancaster high and bishop tonnos. BT being the newer, nicer of the two. The town is seperated into two parts- the ancaster village is the cute historic part of the town which contains the ancaster old mill, and the meadowlands, which is the newer modern, part of town. Ancaster is located near Dundas Valley conservation. Ancaster children are generally very spoiled. They drive their parents BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, etc. You will ultimately be looked down upon if you do not drive/own/wear all the newest high-end, high quality possessions. Minus some of its residents, ancaster is a lovely, safe, place, with lots of small town charm and local attractions.
How do you get to Walmart In Ancaster, Ontario?
oh you just follow Wilson Street, its on the left

Is it heritage day tomorrow?
yes it is, meet you at Pizza Pizza for the parade around 9. Bring your alcohol, we will start drinking right after.
by Alessandro, guido January 10, 2011
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A relatively small town in Southern Ontario, Canada. Famous for its increasing suburbs and weed crazed white-ass wannabe gangster teenagers, this small town is made up of a lot of Italians and a lot of fake mothers. Everyone who lives here shops at Fortino's or wal mart and if you don't your a loser. The two high schools there are both nicknamed "the Pharmacy" due to the excessive drug dealers located in each. The teenagers will stop at nothing to chirp you if you are simply walking down the street. Fag is Ancaster's most used insult... and word, in fact. All the kids think they're badass and all the mothers think they're hot. That pretty much sums up Ancaster :D
Person #1: *walking down the street on the sidewalk on a nice sunny day*

Person #2 (teenager with friends driving by in a car) : FAG!

Person #1: Woah, stupid-ass teenagers, i fucking hate Ancaster, Ontario.


Child #1: My mommy shops at Fortino's.

Child #2: My mommy shops at Food Basics.

Child #1: Lol wtf, fag.

All the children in the room get up and point at Child #2 screaming "You don't belong in Ancaster, Ontario.... FAG!"
by JustYourEverydayWeirdKid June 06, 2010
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