A type of Punk Rock in which the lyrics are about anarchism and political activism.
by jpj February 02, 2004
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Can be fleshed out in many ways... different levels of agression towards the state and some focuses are more apolitical and focused on grassroots/community. I wouldn't necessarily include Black Flag.
Anarcho-Punk Bands:
the American Culture eXperiments
Oi Polloi
by dr.bizerk July 10, 2008
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this is a person who hates the goverment and tends to be violent and also may have several felonies. they stay true to the anarchist belives and the punk life style. they also listen to bands such as Anti-flag, Black-flag ,and other anarchist bands. they wear anarchist symbols on there clothing. some may even have the symbol tattooed or branded on there bodies. there wear alot of black and always have a bandana which is also black but not always. they could careless how they look in the eyes of others since there main focuse is anarchy. They tend to hate scene kid and preps because of there love of themselves and how they only care about themsevles and no one else.this is one thing anarcho-punks hate because they feel that everyone should help each other and care about the great good. they get along with most people because they are always tring to help people, but if the don't like you they will let you know and more than likely kick your ass. they also attend protest and black bloc and are part of some kind of anarchist group. they also spray paint walls with poltical propaganda and the anarchist symbol. also they know alot about bombs and home made weapons. there attuide is laid back at times ,but almost always they are lookin for a way to help the anarchist cause. they love chaos but they also help people in need and try to help people in there area. they feel that the goverment is hurting everyone and destroying lives. they see the goverment as the enemy also called the state. they are strongly against the miltary because of it's rules and forced combat.
Anti-Flag is a good example of anarcho-punk
Joseph Déjacque was an early anarchist communist and the first person to describe himself as "libertarian
Rudolf Rocker was a leading early anarcho-syndicalist thinker who outlined a view of the origins of the movement
Mutualist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was the first self-described anarchist.
by ghost704blackbloc December 19, 2007
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