Divine Anarchism, shortened as DivAn, is the anarchist version of Divine Communism, it believes that gods, the divine and divine beings are anarchists and their organization is literally anarchism, and also believes that gods and the divine will help humanity to build an anarchist society and help humanity to reach godhood. Divine anarchism basically advocates anarcho-divinialism with anarcho-communist praxis.
"Divine Anarchism sounds quite niche, but it's still interesting, if we realize there are people who take Divine Anarcho-Capitalism (DivAncap) seriously, mainly in Brazil, and people who take Divine Communism (DivCom) serious in several parts of the world."
by Full Monteirism May 14, 2021
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Stereo being short for stereotypical, meaning it represents what normies usually refer to as anarchy, which is chaos.
It is a meme anarchist ideology, which seeks to abolish all forms of government with the aim of maximum destruction and chaos. It rejects both all authority and morality and instead embraces entropy as an ultimate end goal.
The Flag which represents it is Black in the bottom right, representing anarchy, light red in the top left, representing red markets and has 8 white arrows pointing outwards in a 45° angle each from their neighbours, representing enropy.
A: Have you heard, some Guy who beliefs in Stereo Anarchism moved into the 'hood last week.
B: Damn, I hope he doesn't sell my kidney and light my house on fire!
by TheRedMarketeer July 29, 2019
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A form of anarchist philosophy that seeks to reconcile and unite all anti-capitalist anarchists together for a common goal. This includes anarcho-communists, anarcho-collectivists, anarcho-syndicalists, mutualists, left market anarchists, individualist anarchists and sometimes even egoists, geolibertarians and agorists.
Except ancaps, for obvious reasons. Fuck ancaps.
Anarchist meeting:
Egoist: "Yo, who that dude who is trying to mediate the argument between the ancom and the mutualist?"
Ansynd: "Ahh, that's some dude who says he follows something called 'synthesis anarchism'. He basically thinks he can get us all to get along. I admire his goals, but that's so fucking naive. At least he has enough sense to not invite any bloody ancaps here."
by ThatoneguyGM April 4, 2021
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