The Anarchic Governments Paradox is the idea that the governments/nations/violent monopolies of the world, exist within their own anarchy - while governments proclaim themselves as the heroes who have defeated the evils of anarchy, they themselves live within it.
Jessie's love life is as messed up as the Anarchic Governments Paradox.
True dat.
by cyberphunkisms April 29, 2009
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A political doctrine expressing the present and temporary disdain for the crazy motives of politicians and the populace in general, stemming from the words temporal ("pertaining to the present time"), locomotive (loco, "crazy" + motive, "personal incentive"), and anarchism ("doctrine urging the abolition of government").
I believe in temporal locomotive anarchism. I don't hate politics, I just hate the way they are now.
by Lobbying for Tomorrow May 8, 2010
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The phenology that no form owns another form. In other words no body owns another body.

Anarchist individualism.
Left-wing anarchism is a segue to anarcho-indivisibilism or dual-aspect monarchism.

In dual-aspect monarchism consciousness has all bodies.
by metawave April 3, 2019
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Free market anarchism or Anarcho capitalism is an umbrella term for a number of ideologies which believe that there should be no government, and a free market economic system, as opposed to anarcho socialism, anarcho communism, and anarcho syndicalism which focus on shifting ownership of property, companies etc. to the masses. Anarcho socialist types believe "Property is theft" while anarcho capitalists believe "property is freedom". Anarcho capitalists believe that a free market is the only truly anarchist economic system. The concept was popularized by Murray Rothbard of the Austrian School of Economics.
anarcho capitalism/free market anarchism Murray Rothbard Austrian School of Economics Counter economics Classical liberalism adam smith
by timothyxmcveigh July 10, 2009
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An ideology that will never work and will lead to disaster.
by Tuggy November 26, 2021
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Anarchism is the belief the anyone (usually a man) in a position of power must be fascist and as such all forms of democracy must be destroyed.

In reality anarchists themselves are left-wing fascists due to being as far left as possible and usually anti-semitic, pro-abortion, and pro islamafascist.

The term “anarchy” is derived from the Ancient Greek word for chaos as an ararchist society would be chaotic and distopian.
The European Union is an Anarchist, Communist dictatorial superstate. ~ Anarchism
by 68356665868683058667838856 November 18, 2018
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Along with libertarianism, one of two ideologies that teenagers adopt in high school, before growing older and smarter.
My daughter just found out about anarchism. I'd give it one to two years max before she moves on to believing something more realistic.
by MTukansa December 29, 2021
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