Anachism is a being free and rejecting all forms of control. To live in a world of anarchist is not a world of war nor peace. It is a world of humans where no one is perfect. Anarchism rejects all forms of religon and the control which limits our ability to be unique and to truely be ourselves.
anarchism is not about fighting the government. its about fighting for yourself, but not against each other
by Flameboy June 21, 2005
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Most people who think "anarchy" is cool don't even know that it is, in fact, a sociopolitical philosophy. They think it just means they get to do whatever they want.

Anarchism at its core is based on the presumption that all human beings, when left with no ruler, will peaceful naturally live in peace and harmony. This philosophy is entirely naive.
The lions lay down with the lambs
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Anarch, or Anarchist is someone who believes or practices the anarchic mindset. Usually wears spikes, studs, black,etc Not to be confused with Goths or Emo's mainly because they have self respect and friends.
Scene Kid: Wow today sucked I think I'm going to cry
Anarch: Damn scene!
by Damn Scene! April 23, 2008
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where the meanest survives
look! they're beating up the short kid again!
by down-to-earth May 31, 2004
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A system of government (or lack there of) where everyone can do their own thing (that means ANYTHING) Anarchism is an idiots version of socialism, i.e. the state is the people and thereby serves the people by working for the common good, and halting those who do not (in most cases, corporations)-socialism. The funny thing about anarchism is, with no government to hold down greedy companies, anarchism becomes "corportate republicanism", (Sid Meyers, Civilization) whereby big business controls every aspect of life, from utilities and the military, to your paycheck and children's education, and the only democracy is between the leaders of major business around the globe. In essence, rather than bringin us towards a utopia, anarchism bring us closer to the ultimate exploitation of the human race.
Anarchists practice anarchism, and are idiots.

Anarchism is a lack of government
by Peter Finn June 10, 2005
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a peep that believes in anarchy and its ways; see anarchy
im a mother fuckin anarch b-otch
by sasperilla June 2, 2004
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An anarchic villain is a villain who doesn't possess a specific goal in mind and their respective objectives are simply to cause chaos and disorder.
The Joker is an anarchic villain as he has no specific goals other than bringing forth chaos and disorder to Gotham City and Batman.
by RJV August 21, 2012
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