1.} Horribly idealistic "state" where no figure leads the "nation." People are free to do as they wish, unfortunately people often choose to hurt others.
2.} Often adapted by teens wishing to be cool. Note especially the "pnk" genre of music.
"Aww, yeah, Billy! Ferget the Government, let's go be Anarchists because it is cool!"
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
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Perfect state of humanity where if you want something, take it; Every man for himself, no taxes, nobody tells you what to do; Iraq
by me April 19, 2003
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means one have all powers of doing whatever one pleases, without the government interrogating.
not paying for your tv licence,whereas you wanna watch every episode of madam & eve,how about that uh?
by jdm August 2, 2003
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A good idea, but will never work in practice. Unfortunately, people need to be told what to do, need to be controlled, need to have someone in charge to tell them "everything’s okay". People are just to comfortable. It's the fucked up way humans have evolved. Get used to it.
Anarchism will not work.
by Bob2478 September 25, 2008
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No government. Sucks a lot. Communism is way better. Long live Lenin!!!!
If you want anarchism, then move to Afghanistan...
by Politricks September 13, 2003
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Anarchism is the belief that authority is unnecessary and harmful. Anarchists oppose the unearned privilege of the upper class, the virtual domestication of humanity, and the absurd notion that Bush is better qualified than you are to run your own life. Anarchism is generally considered a form of socialism that rejects the state as well as capitalism, but some anarchists, particularly primitivists and post-left anarchists, are hard to classify as socialist, per se.

Anarchism has been given a bad name by its associations with wanton violence, punk music, and so on. However, none of these are inherently tied to anarchism (some anarchists have even been pacifists). Nonetheless, the image of the anarchist as a wantonly anti-social rebel has been exploited by many clothing lines and punk bands attempting to cash in on the image.

Anarchism is often confused with ochlocracy, nihilism, objectivism and other forms of laissez faire capitalism, and Nietzscheanism. However, it should be noted that anarchism is, with few exceptions, socialist and consistantly anti-capitalist. While some anarchists do come off as rather nihilistic, the idea itself is not necessarily part of anarchism. Obviously, as well, Nietzscheanism and anarchism have little in common since Nietzsche was a stauch supporter of hierarchy and a defender of slavery.

Common symbols of anarchism include the circle A and the black flag. Well-known anarchists include Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, and Peter Kropotkin.
If you want the truth, I suggest you look into the books on anarchism, such as Kropotkin's Conquest of Bread.
by Eddy1701 April 3, 2006
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::Anarch:: ::anarch::
Anarch is a self-given title, the analogue of a Monarch -but as a self-ruled, ("self-mastered") individual free- will... also conferred as a description of one so self-possessed and intent to define themselves Unruled... {-Perhap not even by/for themselves, -in the Zen way: rather as mastering the enslaving aspects of all exerted intention and control; thus by 'mediating' rather than 'governing' one's 'Fate'. The Destiny of Free Will.} {{Personally, i highly recommend such methods as "the Eightfold Way" path of the chakra-yogas, best partially in modern dialect & jargon.}}

Also,: 1: "Master of Chaos" (ie: ", of-:2"); or 2: "an anarchic state or event, (of indulgence and decadent disorder, or-) of unrestrained revelry &-or riotous rampage"; -these usually used disparagingly.
:: A paraphrase of biblical latin in Genesis, for "In the beginning was the Word!", rendered {by the addition of the first 'AN' in 'an@rche',} as "In the before-the-beginning was the Logos!"
= An Anarch Mantra, with permutations of meaning, some typical of semiotic Solopsists & gnomic Gnostics.

{{{Not to confuse the Anarch with the paranoid's mock-godhead: an Anarch does not an Avatar make; a particle is not it's wave's envelope, only the interferrance-crossection of it's superposition standing- (improbability) wave}}}
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