A beautiful word that can be described in various ways:

Dick hole in the butt hole
Sausage in the bun
Pee-pee in the poo-poo
Charlie in the chocolate factory
+Hey babe, what's up

-Nothing interesting, but my ass is horny, you wanna do anal?

+Oh yes the old pee-pee in the poo-poo

by kataplaka September 16, 2019
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Something that may happen when you are trying to lose your virginity but you are too tight and it slips in the wrong hole
We couldn't get it in and it slipped causing me to scream wrong hole, and that's the first time I did anal
by Cerealfinatic May 30, 2017
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My friend's depressed, what should I do?
Give them anal! That should help them!
by Waspuuuuuuu September 10, 2017
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i've never tried anal...whats it like? it's like having a dick in your ass
by rabble babble February 03, 2010
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Commonly known as "sticking it up the wrong one". Anal Sex is something most of us claim to perform on our girlfriends/wives but nearly all of us never do.

Anal Sex is....

1) Something your mother is good at.
2) Dirty. That's why it's so good.
3) Something you'd gladly tell your friends you've done, but your girlfriend or wife would never tell a living soul.
4) What makes us all feel like porn stars.
5) Something your girlfriend or wife finds painful even if you have a small penis.
6) Something that requires a LOT OF LUBE.
7) Something that requires a condom. Unless you want what your wife or girlfriend had for their breakfast the day before on the end of your penis.
8) Smelly. See #2
9) Gives you entertainment afterwards by watching your girlfriend or wife's anus close.
10) Something that makes you erect just thinking about. Just like 99% of the men are just now reading this.
"Hi Mom and dad! This is Mysti and she's really into Anal Sex"

"Sorry I'm late, my darling. I went to see your mother and ended up having anal sex with her"

"Hello? I'm sorry, I can't come into work today. I had anal sex last night for the first time and I'm finding it hard to sit down"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
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The most enjoyable sexual act in the world.
"Kobe Bryant wanted to fuck that bitch in the ass, and who can blame him?"
by Shawn Carter February 16, 2005
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A sexual position, usually a tight squeeze (if your with a woman) but if you manipulate the vaginal organs (usually the clitoris because it's the most sexual stimulant on a woman's body) then the anus, or asshole, will open up like an umbrella do to the manipulation of the vagina and relaxiation of the woman. That's when you sneak one inbewteen the cheekys my fellow brothers.
With some tedious finger and licking action to my girl's pussy, her ass opened up faster than an umbrella on a down poor but closed like a bank's vault when I inserted my purple helmet warrior. She no longer wanted anal after that.
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