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When a male tells his freinds about an upcoming rondevous with the opposite sex. They create a secret word that they are going to use (i.e. go). As the couple is engaging in the act of lovemaking, the man forces his member into the womans anus at which time he also yells "go". His freinds break down the door to turn this rodeo into a spectator sport, while the man tries to stay in for at least 8 seconds as the woman bucks around.
Note: a harness, sturups, boots, a saddle, reins, or any other type of bull riding accessory may be used.
P.S. rodeo clown suggested.
One time I stayed in for 15 seconds during an anal rodeo and you can pick up the example porno at your local porn shop.
by Jared Wade August 08, 2006
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