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A category of porn in which a man inserts his penis into the behind of a woman.

For some people "Anal Porn" becomes an addiction and people can lose they`re jobs and get expelled from school for masturbating vigorously over public computers(its not they`re fault they cant help it)

Often in anal porn after the scene is over there is something we call a pullout, it is when the penis is removed and because of the penis being jossled around in the asshole it unsettles some poo and when the penis is removed some faecies comes with it, this is very nasty when a camera man is under the pullout, because they can get covered with shit, (much like in "Zack and Miri make a porno" where a camera man is covered in shit and isnt very happy about it)
Davison: i am addicted to anal porn but i much prefer all male casts in my videos.

Me: i like a normal amount of hetrosexual anal porn

Davison: well not everyones perfect (storms off...most likely to watch anal porn).
by lolDoctor September 05, 2009
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