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A dude that won't own the mal effects of their own gaseous issue, instead they throw off on an unsuspecting innocent bystander.

The anal ventriloquist will cut the cheese rough then look expectantly into the middle distance with a feigned look of indignation.

Anyone that buys it inevitably shuns the nearest luckless victim with a harsh phrase or sometimes a physical threat while the AV clamps his butt cheeks and breathes a silent sigh of relief.

" Jesus you stink, pass us the gas masks then piss off"

"Christ that's fucken rotten you're arse must be on fire, fuck off an decompose somewhere else"

However when detected the AV can be the victim of similar or even harsher epithets.
Fuck you man, I never farted it was your fatass brother he's always opnin hiz lunch and blamin others, he's a real anal ventriloquist.
by Dickshun January 05, 2013
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