A butthole kiss is a revenge device that
has the advantage of affecting 2 foes at once, provided 1 of said foes is female
, a cross dresses, or just really gay

The person who came up with the idea of
the anal kiss is Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. Who also invented a turd machine and and made a shit mosaic. Freud would love this guy.

How to preform a butthole kiss
You will need:
-Lipstick, This lipstick must be taken from your female/crossdressing/gay enemy, as it will end up touching your anus and
make them ingest cornhole sweat and fecal remnants, or at least giving them a very
off shade of lipstick.
- Paper, Any paper will do but fancy hotel
stationary or a hallmark card makes it all really special.
- Your other enemy's address, It is highly encouraged. Though if you don't have it you can leave it in a place they will easily find it.

1 Spread buttcheeks and apply lipstick to your poopy hole.
2 Press Anus firmly on paper.
3 Fold paper in envolope with the enemies address and a personal message ( something like " your secret admirer or a special friend is good) DON'T BE A DIPSHIT A PUT YOUR OWN ADDRESS!
4 send letter

The enemy will think that the "lipmarks"
we're made by a hot girl/dude and might even kiss them back while dreaing of their secret lover, they actually just kissed your ass.
David got that bitch ex of his back soo bad with the Anal Kiss he sent her last week.

by Loliverlol September 15, 2008
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