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A game Shake accuses Meatwad of playing on the "Moon Master" episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


A game played by gay men.
What's it called, Anal Blazer? 'Cause thats what you like to play over and over, isn't it? You know how to play I'll tell ya. Level one is at a truckstop full of looonely truckers. Level two is at a public restroom along the highway.
by A. Richardson February 20, 2009
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2 who has gone great distances jsut for anal sex

2. good for guys to use when they are having a "wanna know how i know your gay" argument. blazing a trail, only the trail is anal sex
Bill: dude wanna know how i know your gay

mike: ok, how.

Bill: because your an anal-blazer, you'd search far and wide just to fuck someone in the ass
by the dude that dosent care April 17, 2009
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