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Anaesthetic Technicians mainly work in the operating theatre with anaesthetists (specialist medical doctors), they are also called to other areas of the health care facility to assist in cardiac arrest situtations or with patients who could arrest if not treated appropriately. They assist the anaesthetist in managing your airway...if you don't breath, you die and when you are anaesthetised the drugs generally make you not breath, some people are easy to maintain an airway on & others aren't and patients will die if their airway is not patent. Anaesthetic Technicians combine clinical and technical knowledge & skills to help ensure things run smoothly when you are having your surgery!
If you have a car accident and suffer massive trauma and are taken to a hospital emergency department and the staff are finding it difficult to put an airway tube in your wind pipe they call the anaesthetic team that includes the anaesthetic doctor and anaesthetic technician. Who will then also transfer you to the operating theatre and try everything to keep you alive while the surgeon patches you up. The anaesthetic team will then transfer you once you are stable to intensive care, staff there will continue the good work the anaesthetic team started.
by Bambi lives October 16, 2012
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