When a graduate of the Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications lacking knowledge of sports, passion, talent, energy, or a sense of humor gets a job in sports media due to cronyism, nepotism, or laziness of media executives.
Can you believe how bad the “Orange Privilege” stiffs hapless WFAN has on the air are? These guys couldn’t get jobs in Toledo or Wichita and they get hired in NYC thanks to O.P.!
by @thefandog1 December 2, 2020
n. to accidently dry one's face, or even wipe one's mouth, with a used dirty ball towel.
Hollie spawned the Orange Hollie when she used a second hand ball towel. Hollie says, "Oh Noo! I just wiped my mouth with your used ball towel. Why do I taste ginger?"
by havok106 October 2, 2010
Lisa stick your thumb in the orange and tell him that you’re tired of being used.
by BananaW11 November 18, 2018
to irrationally associate something with a past memory
No. You're just orange juicing again...
by cello_synth February 27, 2011
someone who sucs on orange flavored condoms for fun or mastebation
ryan did some Orange county condoms last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by whhwejcdbwehudj February 20, 2010
Part orange marmalade and part semen, usually found on a computer keyboard after a particularly rough masturbation session or quick pb+j snack (or both).
Has the ability to produce babies that are half human and half orange tree and can grow oranges for you all the time.
Friend: I just touched something on your keyboard
Me: Oh, thats probably just orange marmajizz
Friend: WTF is orange marmajizz?
Me: (explains)
Friend: WTF dude
Me: You've never head of orange marmajizz? Dude, take a fucking biology class or something. Seriously.
by marmajizzer January 16, 2012