The act of depositing one’s own human fecal matter on their partner’s side of the bed. Usually in anger, but possibly not.
When Johnny upset his wife she took an Amber Heard on his side of the bed. Then took a picture and sent it to him. Johnny didn’t know what to think, but thought it better than to go sleep over that night.
by Joey Lightyears April 27, 2022
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An act of defecation on a sleep space, typically a bed.
I playfully threatened my wife that I was gonna take an Amber Heard when we got home, she politely asked that I didnt poop on the bed as I would be washing the sheets.
by The Bucket is Empty May 12, 2022
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The act of shitting on someone’s pillow while they’re not there.
Yeah bro he was being an asshole, So I did an Amber Heard while he was gone
by Jezza2570 April 27, 2022
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cheater, loser, liar, abusive, a disgrace to all women kind
dude, she's such an amber heard, abusive and shitty. Leave before she files a lawsuit against ya.
by eFroggy April 26, 2022
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When you get so angry you go to your partners bedsheets and shit your whole colon all over them.
“Did you hear about their fight? He called her a slut so she Amber Hearded him!”
by Lilpinkoctopuss April 29, 2022
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