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The first television show with a black cast. The entrance of black entertainers into mainstream America. The television show to which all black entertainers owe a great debt of thanks. A mighty funny comedy show.

A show despised and feared by white liberal twits, who say it is racist because the Kingfish is a con artist and Andy is stupid. White liberals say that, if you watch this show, you will think that ALL black people are con artists or stupid. If you watch it, you will surely get a compulsion to put on a bedsheet and burn a cross on your neighbor's lawn. (White liberals do not say that if you watch Training Day, you will think that all black people talk toilet talk and are violent. Why not?)
Hillary Clinton and John Kerry do NOT want you to watch Amos 'n' Andy, so there must be something mighty good about it.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 06, 2005
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amos n andy where not colored people but where white people with shinola on face's
Yah all!! isa jest loves Amos 'n' Andy weeze just dies laughten whens sees dah old shows.. The kingfisher was soo cool looked like a fat boy snoop dogg.. east los angeles
by itichie_nocanpo November 03, 2006
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