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Amiral Murgescu was, for most of WW2, the only Romanian-built warship in the Romanian Navy. The Romanian Navy was the most effective navy of WW2, being the only one to fight for most of the war without losing a single unit of its main force (in its case, destroyers and submarines) while at the same time causing the loss of one destroyer and well over a dozen submarines, all Soviet.

"Amiral Murgescu" can be applied to any member of a group of elements related to Romania, that however contain only one or very few elements that are somewhat Romanian. It can also be used to describe the most Romanian element in the said group.
Castlevania, a game set in Romania, is full of characters whose names sound Western European. Victoria Florescu seems to be the Amiral Murgescu of the franchise.
by EasternCracker February 17, 2018
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