American - adjective


The demonym used to describe a person from any of the America Continents though it is most commonly used when referring to a person who was born in the United States

A synonym for "retard"
A: Where are you from?
B: I'm from The States
A: You're a yank?
B: I prefer the term "American"
A: Well I prefer yank.

A: I can't believe that prat thought 1+1=3
B: He's an American, what do you expect?
by rzhhhh November 04, 2011
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The people of the greatest nation in the world. We respect other cultures, and are tolerant, unlike European people who stereotype us as fat and lazy. FYI, everyone in America doesn't like McDonalds... in fact many of us don't... and by the way there is McDonalds EVERYWHERE!!

George W. Bush is in no way an example of a "typical" American. In reality, there are no "typical" Americans... We are a melting pot of many cultures.

So before you diss the Americans, think of this.

OUR ANCESTORS ARE ITALIAN, SPANISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SWISS, GREEK, etc. So yeah keep insulting yourselves =D
*German guy*: Americans are fat and dumb.
*American w/ German ancestry*:Yeah dude, our ancestors were cousins. Think it through
by mkay* February 19, 2009
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Americans come in mainly 3 sizes, thin, huge or supersized huge! their diet mainly consists of supersised Mc Donalds.
Their leader is one of the most idiotic person around, i bet you he dosent even know what day of the week it is!?!
Also they pump out more pollution then the whole world put together, to be fair if America didnt exist we wouldnt have global warming or the Iraq war.
A typical Americans lunch break
"hi, can i have a large bic mac, with fries and a milkshake"

"only for 20 cent more we can supersize it, but it contain 50% more fat!"

"I have it supersized! please!"

" I will bring it right over for you."

*he waddles to find a seat*
by Hayde October 30, 2007
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American is when you talk slang on the internet.
REDfren101: hey buddy whats up
AMERICAN: yo der supa buddi, nuffin much u
REDfren101: umm.. what happened to you
AMERICAN: i b jus talkin american wit a playa
REDfren101: oh ok. i b guessin daz coo wit me
by MR. FROST August 21, 2007
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A citizen of a country in which "freedom" has been stressed to too much of an extent for far too long.

Yes, the word "American" unfortunately is commonly correctly defined as "an ignorant, bigoted, gluttonous prick".

Those Americans who have exploited the word "freedom" are an embarrassment to say the least. I'm an American and I must say I'm humiliated on a day-to-day basis by my fellow citizens' ignorance, but to those of you who are reading this as a non-American citizen, please know we're not all the same.

Anyone who is well educated in world history, however, surely knows of mistakes made by nations in the past. The United States is still a young nation and therefore still exhibits the ignorance that older countries have already learned from.

When you think of the word "American" try to remember that while most Americans exploit the word "freedom" many of them acknowledge the word "accountability".

Fellow Americans: We can change these problems. Humble Yourselves!
Englishman: "Oh dear. Americans have such awful grammar. And why do they talk so loud?"

American: "What you talkin' 'bout bitch?"

Englishman: "Ugh..."
by Oops I'm American May 08, 2010
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A person who is born in the Americas normaly in referance to the United States

1) Americans are usally considered unintellegent. This is not always true however Americans are known to butcher languages. As amazing as it my be the majority of Americans are intellegent while they my lack common sense.

2) A dialect of English that is spoken in the United States that is then broken down in to about 4 sub-dialects.
Yes, I am American, I can spell and speak correctly/

American: "Hey can I have chip?"
Englishman eating Lays: "These are crisps"
by The Chickenfoot May 09, 2010
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The status of being from the USA, technically anyone from Nprth America, but most people use the former term. America (USA) is fueled by a vast array of citizens, most are stereotypes by some other race/religon in there own country. The south tends to be more stereotypical, that doesnt mean ALL people are stereotypical. The Gaverment is corrupt, they are nothing but evil Hell-bound politicians that only care about themselves...proof? Dick Cheney and George Bush. America has so many laws pertaining to political correctness that it is slowly turning its citizens against it, can't even say "Under God" in the pledge in school. Alot of Americans are under false pretenses that "America is the best country ever!", when its not. Massive debt, corruption, rascism, and violence are not things to be proud of, unless your last name is Bush or Cheney.

Unfortunatly, most countries fall into destruction eventually.
A quick rise to power only means a quicker fall.

My name is Nikolai Nikitin, and I grew up in America to an American family for 10 years.
by Nikolai Nikitin August 09, 2007
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