A guy who at first glance seems like a fuxk boy but once you get to know him he's chill just likes to party
by Sockmonkey1234 January 14, 2021
An American male that sexually abuse, or rape American males. Acts like a bitchmade coward, and doesn’t want other males to get any justice against other males. Doesn’t want to fight other males, unless it’s for a female.
Henry: I’m gonna sexually abuse this boy.
Chris: You American boy!
by LinkxPeach June 29, 2022
An American guy in the US who acts like a boy by thinking just because he has the freedom of speech. He can act like a jerk. But, when a guy tries to fight him, or stand up for himself. He calls him a bitch. If a girl got disrespected, hit, or raped by a guy. Other guys would had beat him up, or killed him. The American guy is a bitch ass pussy who’s not man enough to get treated like a criminal when he’s guilty, and don’t want to get beat up by a guy over a guy when he deserves it. This makes the American guy looks like a bully, and a coward.
James: (talk shit to Michael).
Michael: Hey, come outside.
James: you a bitch!
Michael: Your a bitch ass, pussy ass idiot! American boy!
James: (didn’t fight Michael).
by LinkxPeach March 9, 2022