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A game centering on a young adult (Alice) who finds herself in the strange and twisted place of Wonderland. As a child, she lost her parents in a house fire and blames herself for not being able to save them. Wonderland is a familiar place for Alice, as she read the books and dreamed of it as a child. She returns to fight her inner-demons that take form as familiar Lewis Carrol characters such as; the Jabberwocky, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. Best... Game... Ever!
I have played American Mcgee's Alice ten times; I am addicted because it is amazing.

I am in love with American Mcgee's Alice.
by AMA-Obsessed April 07, 2010
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A game taken from alice and wonderland, she was in her dream world while her parents were dying in fire. Then she goes insane with guilt and ends up in an asylum. She then returns to wonderland with avengance!!!!
Made by American McGee
by Goonmaster January 15, 2005
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