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(1) A 2004 Green Day album which serves as a rock opera that tells the story of a few average American youth living in a metropolis of rhetoric, lies, and censorship. The album tells the story, which takes place in the time span of about one year, through exploring the thoughts of each character as well as through dialog and interactions between the characters. While the plot is more of an abstract concept than it is a direct story, the message is fairly clear: the American youth remain unheard because of the "I don't care" attitude many of them carry, but because of the lack of actual dialogue, the root of this attitude is the fact that the American youth only know what they DON'T want, and have never been presented with a reasonable option that they COULD want. Of course the ending of the story is, unfortunately, also an all-too-common reality in our current world.

The album/story also tells a typical teen-angst-style love story that applies a double meaning to the cover (which is a hand holding a heart-shaped grenade).

The album is expected to receive negative criticism (especially by those who don't take the time to truly understand the story or are too quick to judge and disregard it as "left-wing propaganda"), since it was considered a highly experimental concept from the very beginning. Others simply don't like it because of its difference from the typical Green Day style, but many see this as a refreshing and much-needed break. Love it or hate it, "American Idiot" is Green Day's first new release full-length album since 2002.

(2) The title track from the above-mentioned CD.
(1) My friend Joe told me not to waste my money on American Idiot, while my friend Sally said that it's her favorite Green Day album ever. I'm not sure who to believe on this one.

(2) "Don't want to be an American Idiot / One nation controlled by the media / Information age of hysteria / calling out to Idiot America"
by paul4tA December 09, 2004
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A permenant resident and/or citizen of the United States of America who through their actions and/or words demean the country by making its citizens all seem ignorant or uneducated. A US citizen who believes the American way of life is superior to all others and cannot/will not accept other languages, laws, regulations, and/or courtesies. No basic understanding of geography or international current events, or sympathy for those who do not have English as their native language.
"Oh, Mrs. So-and-so, this is my boyfriend Alex, he is visiting from Germany." (loudly and slowly as if speaking to a child or some one of a mentally inept ability) "ohh...DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? SINCE YOU ARE GERMAN, ARE YOU A NAZI?"

(you think i'm kidding, my boyfriend has been asked on numerous occasions)
by meghatkeineahnung March 12, 2005
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The village idiot from Texas named George W. Bush.
George W. Bitch makes Forset Gump look like a Ph.D recipient from Harvard U
George W is the American idiot of American idiots and the Village Idiot of Village Idiots.
by Andreasantoni June 12, 2008
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An album by my favourite band green day. Released in 2004.
It is a "rock opera" and tells the story of some young kids in modern america, and says a big fuck you to politians. some fucktards believe this album made green day sellouts, but they are just trying to be cool and thinking they are the true fans because they have nimrod and dookie! well fuck you so do i! And if you arsewipes actually sat your fat asses down and listened to it you would realise it is good, maybe not as good as dookie, but still good. Green day are NOT SELLOUTS. Its not their fault people liked american idiot. They didn't know people would, they have always said they write for themselves not others. And yes, some people have only got american idiot, and you find it extremely funny to call them teenyboppers and shit, but its not their fault they were only like two went dookie was realised, and how were they to known MTV was shit before they actaully watched it. Nothing is going to change by you telling the world you don't like it! And just admit it Billie Joe is hot!
faggot: omg green day sucks,they sold out since american idiot! i love dookie i'm a true fan
*gun shot*
me *blows top of gun* nicely done if i do say so myself:)
by x-greendayfan-x January 04, 2006
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1) A teeny bopper who claims to be Green Day fans solely due to the release of the album American Idiot. Play them any album track from an earlier Green Day album, even Dookie, and they will say "thats not Green Day"

2) Kids who are fed up of being called idiots for liking Green Day solely due to American Idiot, who say "but I was only 3 when Dookie came out"
1) Green Day Fan: Hey do you like Green Day?
American Idiot: Yeah I really like Boulevard of broken dreams
GRF: Here's a REAL Green Day song *puts on Welcome to Paradise*
AI: What the hell is that? It sounds like good music, but I'm used to the modern shit Green Day *head explodes*

2) American Idiot: "Don't slag me off for only liking American Idiot, I was only 2 when Dookie came out"
Green Day Fan: "But they have had other albums since then, and besides I was only 4 when Dookie came out, but when I was 16 I went out and bought it because it is highly rated. So don't give me that I'm too young bullshit"
by Green Day Fan #1987 May 31, 2006
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