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1. A show on FOX that like ecstasy, gives its rabid viewers an existential high of sorts, but destroys brain cells. The program is a ratings cow for FOX. Also, the program is a cash cow for hospitals around the world, as the program's audience makes weekly visits to hospitals for CT (or CAT) Scans on their brains, to check for permanent damage to brain cells.
2. A FOX show that John Connor & his resistance army fights against, in order that America & the show's international viewers may survive Judgment Day by the robots the show has produced. Thanks to John Connor, the Terminators (the program's winners) are eventually removed from the music scene, except for maybe Kelly Clarkson (?). The program's Terminators are about the same purpose: sounding all the same, sounding studio-produced & not authentic, not showing much depth in their lyrics as they sing about a bad/broken relationship for the nth time, & making people need hearing aids b/c of damaged eardrums. The only solution is to join John Connor & the resistance army, & go back in time to convince Simon whatever his name is, to not go forward w/ the show idea.
3. A FOX show that pimps out potentially quality vocalists, to be the next carbon copy of its predecessors. Baby powder sales have gone up, due to the high volume of people that the show's judges have to keep in line off camera.
4. A FOX show with singing puppets. The show was originally suppose to be on PBS, but Oscar the Grouch spoke out & said he didn't want Sesame Street to suffer the embarrassment of bein' associated w/ the garbage that is American Fraud-ol.
1. Adam: Bro, did you catch American Fraud-ol last night?
Steve: You kidding bro? I don't want to have to wait for the day when stem cell research is approved, in order to repair damaged brain cells from subjecting myself to the weak sauce that is American Fraud-ol.
2. Jane: Girrrrrllll. I voted for Paul on American Fraud-ol last night! Who'd you vote for?
Jill: I aint down w/ American Fraud-ol! Thanks Jane for reminding me that I have to go to the "Resistance Army Career Center" to see what it'll take to defeat the American Fraud-ol Terminators.
3. Mariah: I'm goin' to Hollywood!
Nick: Be careful boo! Hollywood is havin' a problem w/ American Fraud-ol pimps. If you see people w/ Johnson's® Baby Powder, run!
4. Miss Piggy: I wish I could be the next American Fraud-ol!
Oscar the Grouch: Grrr. I'm glad American Fraud-ol doesn't know how to get to Sesame Street or anywhere in its vicinity. PBS made the right decision!
by WillisJ February 05, 2009
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