A small town overrun by cops that have nothing better to do than to harass innocent teenagers trying to have fun. Instead of helping Vallejo where actual crime is happening
American Canyon Cops:
Cop1: hey I'm tired of sucking your dick
cop2: what dick?

cop1: lets arrest that kid! he's not wearing a helmet!
cop2:yea! i dont wanna help Vallejo, I'll get shot!
cop1 and 2: Yay!!! we're pussies!
by Thetruth5546 October 7, 2011
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a.k.a. AC, AmCam, The Great Canyon of America.

crappy little town full of track housing and a walmart.

"the gateway to the Napa Valley".
but it's more like the armpit.
-You live in American Canyon?

-*sigh* yes.

-I'm sorry.
by moomoocow300 July 19, 2008
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