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The Highest Ranked individual in all of Runescape and other online mmo's such as W.O.W. Someone of this title is a master in the craft of backstabbing black hoes. This individual can usually be found talking shit to filthy black heathens and has been known to grape white women just to plant the seed of Fiend Club.
nigger: yo man why are you wearing that kkk outfit?

Ambassador Myrrdin: because I fucking hate stupid piece of shit...kiss my ring and I might not sick henri on your wife and 3 month old baby.

nigger: oh shit...I did'nt realize you were a(n) Ambassador Myrrdin! god help me!

Ambassador Myrrdin: nigger god does'nt love you...he only loves good white people...fuck you I'm calling Henri anyways
by Fiend Apocolipse August 19, 2009
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