A girl who is very sweet and friendly. These are the ones who like guys but they kinda don't pay attention until they are older. The guys end up liking them only to figure out that they have outgrown their crush on them.
Guy #1: Yeah, I like Amanda.
Guy #2: Yeah, did you hear she's going out with Greg?
Guy #1: Dammit!
by The Lone Guitarist November 03, 2008
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Amanda's are quick witted, versatile and changeable. Amanda's tend to be friendly, gorgeous and very nieve. Amanda's see all the good in people, but tend to overlook the bad. Amanda's live to make the world a better place.
You wish you could be Amanda

Community service or helping a friend is such an Amanda thing to do.
by amanda parisian December 31, 2008
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a psyco child who has many personalities and is rather boy obsessed.
i have mono, i must have kissed an amanda!
by wangster510 November 12, 2007
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A great friend. You can trust her with your life. She's funny, cute, nice, smart, talented, kinda athletic, and pretty much amazing. She's the best friend you will ever have and it's really easy to like her....like like-like her. Once you have her never let her go. She's one-of-a-kind so once you have one don't let her go.
Jerry- wow I just met a girl that's absolutely amazing. I feel like I could trust her with anything.

Fred- You're lucky, you found yourself an Amanda.
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A very amazing and beautiful girl who is the low of my life and I couldnt possibly live without her. She is my whole life and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. She means everything to me and I wouldn't do anything to harm her or break her heart. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe her like beautiful, amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, wonderful, funny, awesome, lovely, and so much more! There is no better girl than Amanda... Or at least there isn't for me. :)
Damn did u see that Amanda??

Hell yeah!! She was smokin!!!
by William Sadro November 28, 2011
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Name for an amazing well-rounded wholesome girl. She loves to laugh and talk about things with you, and she'll always be there for you. If you hurt one of her friends, she'll be there to back you up and help you through it. If you have a problem, she'll help solve it. She is a wonderful person.
Friend: Amanda, I need help
Amanda: What's wrong?

Friend: Matt doesn't like me, and Jono's a d-bag!
Amanda: It'll work out...
by KaySavesTheDay February 06, 2010
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